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In Memorium.

Jean Baker sadly died on the 18th July, after a short stay in hospital. It was their 70th wedding anniversary.

Jean and Frank, who died in March, were founder members of Wilts DA and have been involved through all the years, stewarding many THSs and weekend meets and always there even when they were not stewarding.

At our very first DA meet many years ago, Jean welcomed Allen and me with a cup of tea, as she did for many campers at meets.

Jean was not happy without Frank - we hope they will rest in peace. 

Anne Earley

The Wilts DA would like to say a huge Thank You to our stewards, Val & Mike Vincent, and, Deb & Mark Drury, for their hard work at our Beehive Field THS.


Being the first THS right after the easing of COVID restrictions we had an incredible turnout, their organisation and hard work made for an incredibly well laid out site and smooth running of the event, with many positive comments from very happy campers!

Val's amazing ginger biscuits were a big hit!

Being inundated with kind words and requests for the recipe, Val has kindly agreed to share her recipe with us all.

Head over to our News page for details.

Val Vincent's Ginger Biscuits

8oz Margarine
2 cups oats
2 cups self raising flour

2 cups granulated sugar
1 teaspoon Bicarb soda
2 teaspoons ginger (or more to taste)
(add chopped stem ginger if you like)
2 teaspoons syrup

Mix all ingredients together
cut the dough into 4 pieces
roll out 4 sausage shapes and cut into 9
roll the 9 pieces into balls
place onto a baking tray spread out
cook @170 °c  for 12 mins / or until light brown in colour
remove from oven place on a wire cooling rack
Thanks for everyone's lovely comments about the biscuits
hope to see you all at Beehive field same time next year

Val Vincent

        Let's have some fun......

What is this close up object?



The first correct answer received wins the prize of one free weekend meet comprising of 2 free nights, which can be redeemed at any Wiltsda weekend rally, and cannot be used at a THS, does not cover EHU at sites that offer electricity. Must be redeemed by 31/12/2021, expiry extensions are solely at the discretion of the WDA Chair. In case of any disputes, the WDA Chairs' decision is final.  Open to all Camping and Caravanning Club members with the exception of the Wiltsda Chair, Vice-Chair, and their families.