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Wilts DA Stonehenge Site

It’s very fun, social and there are lots of sports activities. My sister and I played with the other children and it was very fun because most of the children played. Every night, there was a campfire with most people and they gave out marshmallows! We made lots of friends and will definitely come again! 


Amelie aged 10

Breaking News!

Congratulations to Tracy Rees for winning the Wilts DA BBQ Bake off with her amazing Welsh Cakes!

The rules of the Wilts DA BBQ Bake off are very simple, entry's must be baked outside on a BBQ!

We originally had three entries to this years bake of, Alan with his chocolate brownies,  Tracy with her Welsh cakes, and, Paul with his chocolate brownies.  Unfortunately Paul's  brownies were withdrawn at the last minute due to a burnt bottom!! leaving Tracy and Alan in the final.

After much deliberation, our wonderful judges, Katie, age 11, and Annabel, age 8, declared Tracy the winner!

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2021 BBQ Bakeoff Winner.jpeg


Until we see you all at The New Inn, Devizes.

The Wilts DA would like to say a huge Thank You to our stewards, Val & Mike Vincent, and, Deb & Mark Drury, for their hard work at our Beehive Field THS.


Being the first THS right after the easing of COVID restrictions we had an incredible turnout, their organisation and hard work made for an incredibly well laid out site and smooth running of the event, with many positive comments from very happy campers!

Val's amazing ginger biscuits were a big hit!

Being inundated with kind words and requests for the recipe, Val has kindly agreed to share her recipe with us all.

Head over to our News page for details.

NEWS from Camping and Caravanning Club on reopening sites following lockdown.


Please head to our news page for full details.

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DA Camping, what's it all about?

Simply put, it's Social Camping!

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Site bookings.

As most members will know, for most weekend rallies and temporary holiday sites, pre-booking was not required.  Although this has not actually changed, due to the unprecedented times we are in, we do ask that all members that wish to join us on-site, book with us through our bookings page.

This will help us get an idea of the number of units attending and will enable us to inform you of any short notice changes or site cancelations.

We appreciate your help in these challenging times.

Not a Camping and Caravanning Club member?

You can join by following the link below.

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NHS Track and Trace

We have introduced the NHS Test & Trace App to all of our meets.

Please download the app prior to arriving so you can scan the QR code provided by the steward.

It is important that we all do our part to stop the spread!

You can download the NHS Track and Trace app to your mobile device below.