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Wilts DA Stonehenge Site

It’s very fun, social and there are lots of sports activities. My sister and I played with the other children and it was very fun because most of the children played. Every night, there was a campfire with most people and they gave out marshmallows! We made lots of friends and will definitely come again! 


Amelie aged 10


Breaking News!

Wilts DA successfully conducted an AGM on 19/3/2022, the committee has been appointed and we are ready to look forward to the coming year.  Thank you to all members that attended to give valuable input.

RV Vehicle


Until we see you on the English Riviera at our THS in  Stoke Gabriel, Devon.


Camping with the Wilts DA, what's it all about?

Simply put, it's Social Camping!

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It's not just us.......

From the tip of Cornwall to the easternmost reaches of Wessex, the South West region has thirteen DA's and special interest sections all keen to welcome you. 

Click here to visit the South West Region Website, on the Social Camping page, you will find links to all the South West Region DA's

Caravan in the Desert

Wait, there's more........

We're all over the UK!  The Camping and Caravanning Club has 93 DA's across 13 regions, so you can be sure to find a warm welcome wherever you are!

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Win a free weekend camping with the Wiltsda!

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Site bookings.

As most members will know, for most weekend rallies and temporary holiday sites, pre-booking was not required.  Although this has not actually changed, due to the unprecedented times we are in, we do ask that all members that wish to join us on-site, book with us through our bookings page.

This will help us get an idea of the number of units attending and will enable us to inform you of any short notice changes or site cancelations.

We appreciate your help in these challenging times.

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