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Youth Group

Camping Club Youth membership is free for Youth members aged between 12 and 17 years. Upon passing the Youth Test by your 18th birthday you will continue to enjoy free CCY membership until your 21st birthday.

So if you would like to camp, have fun, learn new skills and develop your skills and fun at the same time, join us one of the events or contact Alan and Jo for Further details 

Events for this year include 

  • Jubilee Festival - Stonehenge Campsite  1st June - 5th June  

  • National Youth Rally  – 1-3rd July – to be held in Houghall , Durham – The Theme for the Rally is Wild West

  • Autumn Rally – 7-9th Oct  Location – Alton Towers

Every year there is a International Rally this year it is Portugal, in 2023 is Holland and in 2024 is Scotland. All Youth over 14 years old and have passed their Youth Test are eligible to join in the Fun.


On the camping weekends there will be a separate area where the CCY can camp together.  The emphasis is on fun, with 5 aside football, volleyball, netball and fun sports.


Your Youth Leaders are Alan and Jo Oakley-Jones,  we are parents of two bundles of joy (girls). We have been active members of the DA for just over a year, Alan has been a Governor for a primary school and is currently a First Responder with South West Ambulance Service and Jo was recently a Child Minder for over 8 years.   

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